The Harmony Law Consortium (HLC), through its litigation wing namely Solutions De Legal specializes in handling various types of legal and commercial disputes, with a team of highly skilled lawyers conversant with both substantive and procedural laws. Our lawyers are strategically placed in the subordinate courts (such as district courts), Tribunals and both divisions of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.
Litigation: Areas of practice.  SUPREME COURT OF BANGLADESH


Name of Court/Tribunal

Type of Cases

APPELLATE DIVISION (Supreme Court of Bangladesh)

Civil Cases:
Civil Appeal, Civil Petition, Civil Miscellaneous Petition, Civil Review Petition etc.
Contempt Cases:
Contempt Petition, Appeals & Review
Criminal Cases:
Criminal Appeal, Criminal Petition, Criminal Miscellaneous Petition, Criminal Review Petition
Jail Cases:
Jail Petition, Jail Appeal

HIGH COURT DIVISION (Supreme Court of Bangladesh)

Civil Suits:
Appeal, Revision, Contempt, Violation Misc., Application for Stay, Ad-interim Applications, Application for Injunction, Election Petition
Criminal Cases:
Regular Bail Applications, Anticipatory Bail, Death Reference, Appeal, Revision, Criminal Miscellaneous Cases, Jail Appeal
Original Cases:
Writ Petitions, Admiralty Suits, Company Matters, Customs Appeal, Income Tax Appeals/References, Family Matter Suits, Divorce Suits, Arbitration Applications, VAT Appeal/Revision, Trademark Appeal/Application, Trademark Cancellation Petition, Industrial Design Cancellation Petition, Copyright Appeal, Intellectual Property Law Petitions, Service Matter disputes, Bank Company Applications, Insurance Appeal, Contempt Petition, Transfer Petition


Criminal Cases

Cheque Dishonor Cases, Commercial and Business Dispute Cases, Contractual Dispute Cases, Cyber Security Matter, Special Law Cases, Family Dispute Cases, Dowry Prevention Matter, Penal Laws Murder, Grievous Hurt, Attempt to Murder, Property Related Criminal Disputes, Cases Related Fraud, Cheat, Criminal Breach of Trust and Mischief, Drug Related offences Bail Matter, Sexual Harassment: Rape, Kidnapping, Criminal Appeal, Criminal Revision, Criminal Miscellaneous, Striking out name from CIB (Credit Information Bureau) Report, Bail, Legal Notice & Legal Opinion, All Kinds of Criminal Drafting

Civil Matters

Artho Rin, All kinds of Land & Property Related Disputes, Declaration/Title Suit, Injunction, Partition, Money Suit, Family Matter- Maintenance, Dower & Child Custody, Guardianship, Transfer Property, Marriage- Muslim, Hindu and Special, Dissolution of Marriage/Divorce, Succession, Mutation, Will, Gift & Probate, Power of Attorney, Affidavit, Mediation, Arbitration & ADR, Landlord-Tenant Disputes, Contract Disputes, Real Estate Disputes, Debt Collection, Insurance Disputes, Mortgage, Civil Appeal, Civil Revision, Drafting of all kinds of Civil Suits & Applications


Labour courts
Labour appellate tribunal

Compensation Cases, Wages Claims, Appeals, Bail matters, Labour Regulatory Compliance Notices,


Quasi- judicial bodies

Administrative Tribunal Cases, Nari-O-Shishu Tribunal Cases, Customs Tribunal Matters, Intellectual Property Tribunal Cases, VAT Tribunal, Consumer Protection Department Petitions, Competition Commission matters, Land Survey Tribunal, Cyber Tribunal matters, All Special Tribunal Matters


Arbitration, mediation, reconciliation
Online dispute resolution (ODR)

Arbitration Notice, Arbitration Application, Negotiation Process, Commercial Arbitration, Real-State Arbitration, Industrial Arbitration, Arbitration Appeals, Expert Determination, Settlement Conference, Family Arbitration, ODR Facilitation, Neutral Evaluation