Brand Protection Service Wing

It is important to protect your products from people copying them without your permission (counterfeiting) and branding them like your products (Lookalike/Copycat). In both cases the impact of such counterfeit and lookalike activities is that, it directly affects the profits of company as consumers buy counterfeited products instead of genuine product. Therefore, Company reputation gets down, as counterfeited products are of inferior qualities. Brand protection involves preventing unauthorized use of the brand and preventing any activity which could harm the brand’s reputation. In the recent world, Brands are generally recognized as a key asset for creating value for a business and is the central nexus of communication between an enterprise and its consumers.
In the context of Bangladesh, Brand protection is a very challenging work. So many companies whether with legal entity or not, are easily producing counterfeited or copycat products with an aim to pass off the IP rights of established or popular brands. Such a company always has an intention to distribute their goods by using the ‘Goodwill’ of famous brands. Country like Bangladesh, where millions of consumers are illiterate and unaware of origin of products, it is very easy to market counterfeit and lookalike/copycat consumer Products whether it is cosmetics, foods or any other consumer Products.
The Panda Man in Bangladesh is a team of professional informants, skilled investigators and expert lawyers who can find the source of counterfeit & lookalike products to protect your brands and are very expeditious to enforce IP rights with the help of law enforcing agency and regulatory authorities.
We serve our clients’ best to protect their IP right & Brand image through enforcement followed by all means of regulatory and litigation supports.
We also serve the importers/distributors who have been facing problems like parallel import and grey challenge in retail and Wholesale market.

Service List

IP Investigation

  • IP investigation
  • Sourcing information on Counterfeit/ Lookalike/unauthorized import products

Arrange Raid in Market/Factory/Warehouse

  • Arrange and conduct investigation on Counterfeit/ Lookalike/unauthorized import products
  • Liaison with LAE /Regulatory Bodies for enforcement
  • Enforcement/Raid
  • Post enforcement follow-up

upInfringement litigation and Criminal Case filing against counterfeiter and illegal importers’

  • Litigation support Trademark enforcement case, Design cancellation Petition

To protect your Brand against counterfeit & lookalike products we closely work with-

  • Retried professional informants of Police, RAB, NSI
  • Law Enforcing Agency including Police, RAB, DB, CID etc.
  • BSTI Mobile Court, RAB Mobile Court, Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection Authority, Local UNO Office, DC office etc.